Sidewalk Specials Animal Rescue

Sidewalk Specials Animal Rescue

When you're looking for a new addition to your family, we are very firmly in the camp of "adopt, don't shop." Rescuing a fur baby in need is one of the most amazing, beautiful things a person can do ~ and the unconditional love you will receive in return is more than enough of a reward.


Sidewalk Specials through a culture of respect and upliftment, this incredible animal rescue organisation provide free veterinary care, mass-sterilisation services and education to the impoverished community of De Doorns. They rely 100% on public donations to continue the work. 


Giving Back:  Join us in our efforts to help them continuing rescuing the neglected and education in South Africa. You can check out their missions and contribute by volunteering, fostering, donating or help find a home!

~ You can also add a donation at check out. Thank you!

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