Summer’s Online

Summer’s Online


Our favourite time of the year has finally arrived, and if the longer lasting sunshine, the lush, tropical beach weather, and the never-ending cocktail opportunities that comes with the promise of Summer, is not enough to get you all excited, we have even better news… Summer is now Online! 

Introducing our highly anticipated Summer range celebrating all things dreamy, all things beachy and all things sunshine. From flowy, light dresses to the perfect clutch, the ultimate woven basket you’ll need for all your beach essentials, to your favourite bikini, your staple Birkenstocks, shell earrings, classy sunnies, cheeky necklaces, must-have camo’s, eye-catching bracelets and your most-loved beach towels, you can now shop them all online on the Mash Btq site. 

In order to celebrate Summer finally arriving (on our South African shores and online), we took two of the easiest-to-love Mash babes to the beach and have some fun with the newest stock that dropped. We gave them some of our favourite swimwear to play in, we dressed them up in the loveliest textiles, kaftans, dresses, tops and must-have beach pants, not forgetting playful hats and our newest range of statement sunglasses, and we frolicked in the best of what Cape Town has to offer. 

Amidst the crispiest of blue waters, stretches and stretches of white sandy beaches and never-ending sunrays basking our little team of creatives in the best golden light, we realized the magic that is Summer absolutely needs to be shared, far and wide, with all the lovely humans (and pets) that we call our Mash family. We therefore introduce Summer’s Online, for you to shop that sun-kissed summery, tropical feeling online. It’s too good not to share.


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